During the Flight - Flying with SriLankan Airlines
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During The Flight

Equalise your ear pressure

During ascent and descent, changes in the cabin pressure can cause a mild pain in your ears. Sucking and swallowing will help equalise the pressure in your ears. Babies or young passengers may suffer more acutely, so consider providing them with a dummy to suck on.


Your skin can dry out during the flight due to the drier cabin air. To combat this, pamper yourself with a good quality skin moisturiser.

Make yourself comfortable

It is important that you make yourself as comfortable as possible during the flight. Loosen your clothing, remove your jacket and avoid anything pressing against your body as this could constrict your blood circulation. Use the seat recline as well as the lumbar support that is available on most seats, to find a comfortable position. All SriLankan seats are fitted with a footrest that, while aiding your comfort, will also help relieve pressure on your calf muscles.

Wear glasses instead of contact lenses

The aircraft cabin air is drier than you may be used to and your contact lenses may cause eye irritation. We recommend that you wear your glasses inflight. Your eyes will feel fresher and less tired when you arrive and you can then put your contact lenses back in.


We recommend that you drink water or juices as frequently as every hour or so during the flight. Tea and coffee should be drunk in moderation as these are diuretics and may increase your body's dehydration.

Adjust your body clock

It is important to consider your body's natural biological clock. To avoid the common symptoms of sleeplessness, tiredness, loss of appetite or appetite at odd hours, we recommend that, for your next flight, you get a good nights rest beforehand.

Keep your blood circulating

Sitting still or inactive for long periods of time should be avoided. The central blood vessels in your legs can become compressed making it more difficult for the blood to circulate. Doing some light exercises on your lower legs and calf muscles will encourage blood flow and help reduce muscle fatigue and swelling in the feet. For a guide to the recommended exercises, see the diagrams below.
Doing these exercises whilst flying will help you feel better when you arrive. When resting, try to make sure your body is in a comfortable position and turn frequently so your body is not constricted or stretched for long periods of time. Try to avoid sleeping for long periods without changing position.


We recommend that you do these light exercises for three or four minutes every hour whilst seated. This helps to encourage blood circulation.

Knee, Thigh and Toe Lifts

Lift your knees slightly whilst at the same time clenching your thigh muscles and pointing your toes up and down. Repeat this between 10 and 20 times with one leg and then with the other.

Foot Rocking

Place your feet on the floor. Then, keeping your toes on the floor, lift your heels up, hold the position, and then lower back to the floor. Then, lift your toes whilst keeping your heels on the floor. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Catch up with the world

Both local and international newspapers and magazines are available on most flights.

Wish you were here

SriLankan Airlines is pleased to offer postcards to passengers. They can be returned to our cabin crew for posting.

For our younger passengers

Baby food is available upon request from a flight attendant, as are special cots. Games are on hand to keep children occupied during the flight.

For your well-being

A number of over-the-counter medicines are available from our flight attendants.

Freshen up

Wash rooms are situated in all classes on all aircraft. Your flight attendant will be happy to show you their location. The following items are available from the cabin crew: toothbrushes, towels, soap, skin tonic, cologne, shaving equipment and after-shave lotion.
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