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Our EASA Part 145 certified Line and Base Maintenance Services have over 30 years of experience in the industry. Having served our parent airline, SriLankan Airlines, and countless other Middle and Far Eastern operators, we understand first-hand our customers’ requirements for high quality work delivered within exceptional TAT’s.

Our highly trained line maintenance team provides comprehensive maintenance services at Colombo International Airport, Sri Lanka, and at key airports in South India and Male.

Technical line support includes full technical log book Certificate of Release to Service for transit and progressive maintenance, up to and including segmented 'A' checks on a large number of aircraft types including A320/A330/A340 aircraft powered by V2500/CFM56/Trent 700 engines.

We recognize and support our customers’ service standards, with our dedicated cabin maintenance team using their wealth of experience on various IFE systems such as Panasonic (Matsushita) 2000 E and Rockwell-Collins TES system, whilst our cabin appearance management team ensures a spotless cabin out of Colombo.

We also provide backup for the airport authority and emergency services in incident/accident situations and are one of the prime recovery participants at the airport. We also aim to be a dependable point of contact for spares, engineering and maintenance assistance for customer aircraft that are AOG in Colombo.

Our current customer base includes SriLankan Airlines, Emirates, Kuwait Airways, Singapore Airlines (freight). Air Arabia, Gulf Air, Oman Air, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa Cargo, and Kingfisher.

Our base maintenance facility is staffed by 400 well trained and highly skilled personnel in a modern hangar of 8000 sq meters and is fully equipped to carry out heavy maintenance of narrow-body (A320) and wide-body aircraft (A330/A340).

We specialize in the following areas:

  • All MPD checks up to and including 8C/12Y, CPCP and structural inspections,
  • Modifications
  • NDT inspections
  • Engine video boroscope inspections
  • Landing gear replacement and shock-absorber seal changes
  • Cabin upgrades and refurbishment
  • Aircraft weighing

With warm and friendly service, our customer assistance team employs a total care approach to ensure that all aspects of a Maintenance event at SriLankan Engineering are of the highest industry standards. State-of-the-art facilities are available on site. As hospitality is part of the Airlines core business, we understand Customer needs and can arrange accommodation, travel, logistics etc leaving your on-site reps to focus on their task at hand.

To reduce your maintenance expenditure and ground time of planned checks, we can even customize the maintenance plan to suit your requirements.

As SriLankan was the first A340 operator in Asia, we possess heavy maintenance experience on Airbus aircraft since 1994. Currently we carry out all maintenance of the SriLankan fleet of twelve A320 / A330 / A340 aircraft and proudly achieve very high dispatch reliability across its fleet and a daily utilization of over 14 hours on its A340 fleet.

SriLankan Engineering offers the following services in addition to the basic MPD work package:

Aircraft Painting

Our highly skilled and experienced painters provide the highest quality and the most cost effective exterior/interior painting solutions. From complete paint strip and re-paint of the aircraft to new livery and aircraft polishing, you can expect nothing but the best finish.

Retrofit Management

We have a wealth of experience in the complete project management of retrofit and modifications and logistic management of intense programs such as Airbus LRIP and the FSIP. Furthermore our services extend to cabin and IFE reconfiguration and retrofit (seats, galleys, lavatories, IFE etc) programs.

Structural Modifications

With fully equipped structures workshop, a machine workshop and composite repair shop, you can rely on our team of expert structural engineers to provide almost any structural modification or repairs to Airbus A320/A330/A340 fleets. Our capabilities include major repairs, skin replacement work, structural modification work including VTP and Pylon modifications on A330 and FR 40 modifications on A340 together with cold working and flap peening.

Working Party Support

Our vast knowledge and experience enables us to provide you with assistance in terms of NOT work, Engine Boroscope or engineering support for modifications or routine maintenance. We could even provide you with working parties to supplement peak load manpower requirements at your facility.


  Product and Services
Aircraft Maintenance Services-Products and Services Download as a PDF

Our Line Maintenance Services includes full technical log book Certificate of Release to Service at Colombo, Male, and in key airports in South India:

Aircraft / Engine Types supported:


A300-600 / CF6-80C2
A310 / CF6-80C2
A318 / CFM 56
A320 / V2500
A320 / CFM 56
A330-200 / Trent 700
A330-200 / CF6
A330-300 / Trent 700
A340-300 / CFM56

Technical line support covers:

Technical log book CRS
Transit, Daily, and Weekly servicing
A320 Segmented A Check
Troubleshooting and Defect Rectification
IFE systems maintenance
Cabin Appearance
Maintenance Control and life-line ommunications at Colombo

Additional layover services:

Engine core wash
Aircraft exterior washing
Interior deep cleaning


Our base maintenance facility at Colombo International Airport, Sri Lanka, is fully equipped to carry out heavy maintenance of narrow-body (A320) and wide-body aircraft (A330 / A340):


AIRBUS A320 family, A330 and A340 up to and including 8C / 12Y
NDT inspections
Metallic and composite structural repairs


As fitted to the above aircraft - CFM 56 Series, Rolls Royce Trent 700, IAE V2500 Including full Engine video boroscope inspections

Auxiliary Power Units

As fitted to the above aircraft Honeywell - GTCP 36-300A, GTCP331-350C and GTCP131-9A

Special Tasks / Modifications

As per original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) airworthiness documents or customer generated work orders, specializing in events like:
  • Landing gear replacement and shock-absorber seal changes
  • VTP, Pylon, FR40, Rib 6 structural modifications
  • Aircraft weighing
  • V2500 HPC 3-8 Drum NDT Inspections

Cabin Re-configuration and Appearance Enhancement

As per customer request

Aircraft painting

As per customer request


For further information:
  Email: MRO@SriLankan.aero
  Tel: +94 19733 2018
  Fax : +94 19733 5263

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